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If you've been denied Social Security Disability,
DeHaan Busse LLP can handle your appeal in Federal District Court.
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DeHaan Busse LLP can fight the insurance carrier to get you
the Long-Term Disability benefits you deserve.
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At DeHaan Busse LLP, we can help you obtain your FERS Disability benefits.
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DeHaan Busse LLP - NY Disability Attorneys

At DeHaan Busse LLP, we are leaders in long-term disability law.

Specifically, we focus on Individual Disability Insurance Policies, Employer-Sponsored Benefit Plans (ERISA), the Federal Employee Retirement System/Civil Service Retirement System (FERS/CSRS), and Military Veterans’ Disability Claims.

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At DeHaanBusse LLP, we believe you have the right to receive the disability benefits you have paid for,and the disability benefits you have earned and been promised according to the law.

Our attorneys are highly experienced litigators, and have gone up against: Unum Provident Corporation and its subsidiaries; Metropolitan Life Insurance Company; New York Life Insurance Company; Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States; First Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company; among many others.


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The attorneys at DeHaanBusse LLP focus on Disability Law, specifically Individual Disability Insurance Policies including Premium Waiver Benefits, Business Overhead Policies, and Long-term Care Insurance Policies; Employer-Sponsored Benefit Plans/Group Plans (ERISA), and the Federal Employee Retirement System/Civil Service Retirement System (FERS/CSRS) and Social Security Disability Appeals in Federal Court.

We also represent Military Veterans, assisting them in claiming and obtaining the VA benefits that are rightfully theirs.


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Employer-Sponsored Disability Plans (ERISA) : FERS | CSRS | Veteran Disability | Individual Disability Benefits

Military Veterans

With a backlog of over 600,000 unprocessed claims, it has long been the case that U.S. Military Veterans returning from OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) and OEF (Operations Endur­ing Freedom) have had to wait months and even years for their disability benefits to begin – even those Veterans with the most obvious and serious inju­ries and illnesses have not yet received relief..

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Private (Individual) Disability Policies

If you are a professional in your own practice or a business owner, you do or should invest in a private (individual) disability policy to protect yourself and your family in the event you ever experience a disability that prevents you from working in your chosen field. The attorneys at DeHaan Busse LLP focus on private (individual) disability policies, and are available to you for a consultation.

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Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)

If you are a Federal Employee or a Civil Servant, you may be entitled to Disability Benefits under the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) or the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS). That means that in addition to coverage through your Basic Benefits Plan, you can receive a disability retirement annuity should you experience a debilitating physical or mental illness or injury that renders you unable to perform your occupation as you had always performed it.

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