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Third Health Survey since 1995 to Take Place

As a part of a long-term health study, at the end of this month, the VA will be contacting the first Gulf War Veterans for the third time since the end of that conflict. Says Secretary Shinseki, “Our message to our Gulf War Veterans is clear:  We are not forgetting you, we are listening to […]

NY Attorney General Announces Arrest of Two “Doctors” Practicing Medicine Without Licenses In Chinatown

Jiaxi Qiu and Lu Hui Qiu have been arrested for practicing medicine without licenses in Chinatown, NY.  They were charged with examining and treating patients by injecting them with unknown substances as well as giving them a variety of unidentified pills. The defendants were arraigned in NY State Supreme Court and charged with Unauthorized Practice […]

NARFE President Responds to Payroll Tax Increase On Middle Class Federal Workers

In response to a May 11, 2012, vote in the House of Representatives to impose a 5 percent payroll tax on middle-class federal workers, President of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) issued the following statement: “It is unconscionable that nearly 30 percent of these savings is coming out of the pockets […]

Bernie Sanders Proposal To End HIV/AIDS Drug Monopolies

According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV. Every year, an additional 50,000 Americans are infected and 10,000 people die every year due to AIDS. Although there are medicines that can slow or stop the disease, many HIV-positive Americans cannot afford them. In response […]

The VA & Women’s Issues

The Department of Veterans Affairs is releasing a draft of a strategic report focused on significant issues facing female veterans which outlines a plan to improve care and services for this fast-growing community. Says Secretary Eric K. Shinseki, “Expanding care and services to women Veterans is too important to limit ourselves solely to the views […]

NY Governor Says Insurance Companies Have To Pay Unclaimed Life Insurance Proceeds

After nearly a year-long investigation by NY’s Department of Financial Services on life insurers practices, Governor Cuomo announced new regulations requiring all life insurers conducting business in New York to regularly search a government list of recent deaths to find policyholders, then to pay the beneficiaries of policies for which no claims have been made. […]

Department of Justice Settles With Health Care Providers Over HIV Discrimination

The Department of Justice reached settlements with two health care providers who violated the Americans with Disabilities Act and refused to treat patients with HIV. One incident occurred at the Mercy Medical Group Midtown Clinic in Sacramento, CA. An HIV positive patient met with a podiatrist who informed him of his treatment options. The podiatrist […]